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Summer Interns (Sales & Marketing)

Job Location

Remote locations for Laurus Infosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd

Type of Job

Remote locations

Experience Required


Published Date

31 May 2021 at 10:00:00 pm

About the job

We believe that the young graduates must get an opportunity to learn in a real life environment to foster their theoretical knowledge and connect them with the facts on the ground. To enable this process we give them real projects and opportunity to interact with real customers and prospects for the company. You will work with our 'Strategic Account Management' Team for these projects and get to learn from them. You will also get a certificate from the company for the work you put in!


  • Students who have completed B.Pharm or M.Pharm.

  • Preferably with a management degree / certificate.

  • Willing to take up the challenge of exploring the unknown.


  • WFH

  • Working with the SAM team

  • Experience certificate

About us

At Laurus Infosystems, we believe in embracing change and moving ahead with the world. Most of our colleagues are young and vibrant people who bring with them load of energy, a fresh perspective and hunger to succeed. Instead of remaining a relic stuck in the past clinging to ancient ideals which belong in the dustbin of history. To evolve is to flow like a river and carve through the business landscape. We believe in traveling through the road less taken and when required, making our own path.


Remote locations for Laurus Infosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd

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