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Minimize The Scope Of Human Error, Maximize Output And Quality


Laurel MES For Error-free Manufacturing Processes | High Quality Output | Significant Cost-savings | Higher ROI

Laurel MES, is a browser-based and cloud ready platform which has been designed by production engineers to ease operational difficulties in production lines/manufacturing facilities and for error free batch production every time. A platform to drive, assign, manage and monitor all manufacturing activities from one dashboard



Manufacturing Execution System-small solution by Laurus

Laurel MES covers the complete manufacturing lifecycle from commercial production to final packaging. Compatible with all types of Pharma & Chemical Product Manufacturing. Laurel MES conceptualized and created by production engineers offers value-generating and error reducing integrated solutions for all types of production lines in Pharma & Chemical domains.

Formulation Dosage Form Manufacturing
Api Manufacturing
Oral Solids, Semi-solids, Liquids, Parenteral
Chemical Manufacturing Operations
Manufacturing Execution
Warehouse Mgt.


Weighing & Dispensing

Weighing & Dispensing.png

The accurate weighing and dispensing of materials based on the BOM is the core of any pharmaceutical manufacturing and as dispensing involves a lot of paperwork and different weigh balances, it is prone to human transcriptional error. Accurate data collection and doing “right first time” is fundamental to batch tracking and documentation. With its “easy to use” way, Laurel MES solution guides the user through the dispensing process and provides support for compliance with safety regulations and recipes. Laurel MES supports manual as well as automated dispensing operations and facilitates human error free, accurate and convenient process with just a few clicks.

e-Batch Record



We have created a system which can be configured to completely replace your manual batch records with an electronic batch record which looks exactly like your physical Manufacturing record. The system can generate both eBMR and eBPR (for manufacturing and packaging). Many refer this as a paper-on-glass solution, but we are providing much more than that; in this solution. Laurel–eBMR facilitates recording all Batch records electronically (and the processes) and results are captured it in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Laurel–eBMR offers the advantage of creating the documentation without worrying about what could have been missed. With the level of configurability offered our system does the adaptation instead of asking our users to do so. A wizard-based system we ensure a guided execution of the entire manufacturing process with the right –first –time manufacturing. Laurel-eBMR is created to provide these most important electronic documents for both Manufacturing and packaging.


Recipe Management System (MBR)-2.png

Laurel MES allows configuring master recipe formula for any product and batching size. With its easy interface customers can easily set up and maintain standard libraries with reusable master data blocks to create master recipe formula. Laurel MES MRF simplifies workflows and approval cycles and thereby drastically reduces associated documentation work. Master recipe formulas can be defined with an entry level person with minimal training.

Recipe Mgt.
Equiement Mgt.

Equipment Management and log books

Laurel MES plant maintenance module administers and monitors status and availability for all types of production and packaging related objects ranging from simple tools to heavy equipment. Laurel MES helps in real time tracking of Area and equipment and helps in maintaining logs for the operational and non-operational usage of area and equipment. With its in-built maintenance and calibration schedule planner, it helps in scheduling and maintenance of task alerts and exercising calibration controls.

Equipment Management and log books-2.png
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